About Us

We are a team that loves interior designs. We admire them in magazines, at exhibitions, we discuss them and most of all we love visiting interior stores to shop. We buy for ourselves, we gift, we recommend. We feel there is nothing to beat the sensory experience. Admire, sit, recline, feel, get comfortable... Ensure the red (or the blue) is exactly right. Discover the perfect art piece at an art gallery tucked away. Fall in love and then purchase.

But we are hardnosed business people. We hate wasting time and money. With store hopping we had to do just that. Make endless rounds of our city in the heat and traffic to get the best pieces at the right price. And still not know when that would happen.

We see you nodding in agreement!

With Decorizms we have solved this very real problem. There are scores of product images uploaded by the stores and art galleries themselves of their available stock. Updated everyday. Arranged by cities, categories, stores/art galleries. See what your city offers even before you leave home. Then just head out to the stores and galleries and shop with all your senses.

This is our philosophy at Decorizms.